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The latest issue of dutch magazine 'scape contains an article by prof. Jens Kvorning with his interesting reflections on the Øresund visions competition - and our Mosaïc::Region proposal - worth reading!

'(...) The ’mosaic’ metaphor in the proposal was given different meanings. It is about understanding and developing the region as a mosaic of many different types of areas, including different social and cultural environments. It is about employing such a sense of understanding to offer room for the very complex way in which the many sub-areas and sub-environments interact with one another. Throughout this interaction, it is about handling and creating a high degree of dynamics between areas and environments. It is about leaving room for many different players to be proactive and to make individual contributions to the dynamics, while at the same time ensuring that the development of the region does not take an undesireble or environmentally unfriendly turn.
In order to implement these initiatives, systems must be established that can accept and work with a multitude of different development forums, from which new ideas and initiatives will stem.
From a graphic standpoint, the proposal was presented as a large mosaic made up of various fields and planes where different issues and questions pertaining to many different levels were confronted with one another, in the same way as the many players and concept forums developing the region in practice, appear in the multiple physical, intellectual and political realms, all influencing one another in complex ways.
(...) (the award-winning proposal) made an attempt, in inventive and convincing ways, to handle and develop the complexity within thought-based, visualized realms as well as physical ones.'

Jens Kvorning, Professor of Urbanism at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, in 'scape 1/2008

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