Layered Landscapes Lofoten - understanding of complexity, otherness and change

Best news of the New Year so far: the first copies of our book Layered Landscapes Lofoten - understanding of complexity, otherness and change arrived fresh from the printer today, and we are really excited and happy about it. We are the most grateful to ACTAR PUBLISHERS for their support and enthusiasm.
More about the book, where you can attend a launch or presentation and where to find it soon!


kote Lofoten

Astrid Fadnes interviewed us about our work with Fremtidens fiskevær and Layered Landscapes Lofoten for her article on the relation between tradition and development in Lofoten in magasinet kote #9


new president

Gisle Løkken of 70°N arkitektur was elected president of the National Association of Norwegian Architects this week. He will replace the current president, Alexandria Algard, from September.


Arch Moscow

We are invited by Project Baltia Magazine to participate at the exhibition and conference Cities N during the 6th Moscow Biennale of Architecture:

’Project Baltia magazine will present Cities N exhibition, dedicated to development and reconstruction of cities of Far North of Norway, Finland and Russia. For the exhibition we have chosen the projects that has positively influenced on the urban condition of Rovaniemi (Finland), Bodo and Tromso (Norway). The curators will also analyze the situation in Russian cities (Kirovsk, Kovdor, Arkhangelsk), located in the cold regions of country. The exhibition will show the works by architectural and urban design bureaus 70°N arkitektur, Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Arkkitehtitoimisto Juhani Pallasmaa Kommandiittiyhtiö, Urbanika, Mamoshin architects and others.’

If you are anywhere near the Novaya Tretyakovka House of the Artist please come see us at today’s round table debate!


PechaKucha Night - Arctic Ocean

Oceans hold the key to the future of all life on earth. Still, we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about our oceans!

Most of the Arctic is covered by ocean. Great resources, which might solve challenges such as the need for medicine, energy and food for a growing global population, can be found in the Arctic. Despite being among the cleanest and best managed oceans in the world the Arctic Ocean is affected by global problems, such as micro plastics and acidification.

What do we need to know about the Arctic Ocean to make the
best use of it, and take best care of it, for future generations? How can science and research help fill the gaps in our knowledge
about the Arctic Ocean?

Welcome to Arctic Frontiers 2018 PechaKucha session on Arctic Oceans!


Fredrik Myhre, WWF
Ordfører i Tromsø - Kristin Røymo
Francois Masonnet, Université catholique de Louvain
Letizia Tedesco, Finnish Environment Institute
Claudia Halsband, Akvaplan-niva
Luisa Christini, Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung
Tobias Vonnahm, UiT Norges arktiske universitet
Kathy Dunlop, Akvaplan-niva
Melissa Brandner, Nord universitet
Sanna Børis Matsson, Akvaplan-nIva
Lawrence Hislop, Norwegian Polar Institute
Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes, SV - Sosialistisk Venstreparti
The event is free and open to everyone.


Invisible Grunnfør

We received a link to this commercial where spanish artists Carmen and Julian turns our Grunnfør shelter (almost) invisible:

Grunnfør shelter playing a part in this advertising #grunnfør #by_70n #70n_arkitektur #invisiblebuilding @peugeot

Et innlegg delt av 70°N arkitektur (@70n_arkitektur)


PechaKucha Night arctic

PKN is back!

Friday 27th of January, talented researchers will showcase their exciting work focusing on the Arctic.

This PechaKucha Night will take place during the Arctic Frontiers 2017 conference week. The event is organized in collaboration between Arctic Frontiers, Pecha Kucha Tromsø, Riddu Riddu Festivalla and Driv.

The event is free of charge and everyone (18+) is welcome to attend, the location is Isbjørn scene at DRIV. The Pecha Kucha Night will be followed by a concert.
Come thirsty and bring along your friends!


Layered Landscapes Lofoten

We'll be teaching a master studio at BAS this winter and spring called Layered Landscapes Lofoten

In this master studio we work with Lofoten – one of the most unique and spectacular parts of the Norwegian coast – with a long and dramatic history connected to the sea and the fisheries, and small societies vulnerable to local changes in the fisheries, global impact and structural changes. The landscape is today highly contested due to political desires to start exploiting the oil and gas resources in the region – and not least due to an increasing influx of tourists.
The studio is about research, mapping and planning – providing tools for a possible methodical approach – as an alternative to today’s institutionalized planning regime or hegemonic thinking. The intention is always to stimulate for complex understanding, critical approaches and not least – intentionally a new production of subjectivity.
The studio encourages to open mind sets that are not obvious, predefined or limiting – but always: critical, open minded and curious. This process will be stimulated through texts, literature and lecturers – and not least encounters with various people and knowledge, practices and experiences from the landscape.


Lysaker nominated

Happy to learn that our housing project at Lysaker is nominated for the Northern Norway Architecture Award! Went on a Boxing day kick-sledge tour to check it out..


Fremtidens fiskevær - Flakstad

Landing in Lofoten - we are happy to be invited to work with the highly interesting and ambitious project Fremtidens fiskevær / Fishing communities of the future, in Flakstad, Lofoten. We spent a few stormy, intense and informative days starting up the work in Ramberg, Fredvang and Napp together with the locals and rest of the team: Akvaplan Niva, NIKU, Ecofact and Multiconsult


DNA for Regjeringskvartalet

Statsbygg has selected seven teams to participate in the interdisciplinary design competition for the Norwegian Government Headquarter in Oslo. As part of TEAM DNA, 70°N has qualified for the plan- and design contest - we are happy and honoured.

Team DNA - Det Norske Arkitektkontor - gather expertise from the whole country: Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Tromsø, thus contributing to a diversity of positions necessary to create a representative government quarter.

Team DNA consists of Reiulf Ramstad architects, pir II, Lala Tøyen, 3RW, Smedsvig Landskapsarkitekter, WSP Norge, Høyer Finseth, Niras, ECT,
SAAHA, Deltatek & 70°N arkitektur.


arctic agriculture

We joined Berit & Ingvill of DYRK TROMSØ to help prepare the community garden at Rambergan / Sankthanshaugen - a great project and a good day with lots of work, soup and cake!


exactitude & vagueness @ Vilnius Forum

We are invited to participate at a conference on design for children's education organized by Vilnius Academy of Arts and the Education Supply Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania - looking forward to discussing important and interesting issues with colleagues from Denmark, Estonia, Slovenia and Germany.


Gisle has left for Trondheim where he is assessing diplomas at NTNU this week, like the wooden dome by Steinar Dyvik & John Haddal Mork.


Fuzhou + Beijing

Back from China after giving lectures and talks in the context of the opening of the exhibition Contemporary Norwegian Architecture in the city of Fuzhou - including giving a TEDx talk at the Star Trekesque head quarters of NetDragon.

Cancelled flights on the way back gave the opportunity to experience Beijing by night for some hours..

Foster + partners' Beijing International Airport, the entrance to the Gùgōng / Forbidden City, Beijing National Stadium or the bird's nest by Herzog & de Meuron + Ai Weiwei and the National Aquatics Center / Water Cube by PTW architects.


Paris à l'automne

An autumnal trip to Paris included architectural experiences of both new and old favourites:

Sou Fujimoto's Many Small Cubes in Les Tuileries was part of the FIAC (hors les murs)

Fondation Cartier celebrates its 30 years with an in situ installation by Diller & Scofidio + Renfro: Ballade pour une boîte de verre / Musings on a Glass Box. It is always a pleasure to return to this early and excellent building by Jean Nouvel, and its garden and exhibitions.

Centre Pompidou of course. This time with Gehry, Duras and Duchamp..

Parisian rooftops with la Tour Eiffel in the mist was our morning view.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to experience Åsa Sonjasdotter's Haute Diversité - par le prisme de la patate at the art space le centquatre / 104, where we also found the Open Wall by Pascal Marthine Tayou and Niki de Saitn Phalle's fantastic Cabeza.
We were also happy to see that Jean-Luc Duez is still actively spreading Amour in the streets of Paris..


Trofi Teknopark

We went to see one of our projects under construction, Trofi Teknopark. This is the first office building of passive house standard in Tromsø and after quite some work it is very soon to be finalized.


maisema 3.0 - there are (still) no maps..

Gisle gives a lecture, presenting a selection of our work in northern landscapes, at the landscape conference maisema 3.0 in Helsinki this Friday (October 10).


when in venice

We're back from our study trip to Venice with lots of impressions and inspiration from the Biennale, and the city itself.

Always a pleasure to visit the Nordic Pavilion by Sverre Fehn.

Venice on water - narrow canals and the lagoon.

Our venetian home.

More pics at @70N_arkitektur instagram.



While traveling the Lofoten islands this week for some site inspection we came across this person using the rest area in Torvdalshalsen in the best possible way - dancing..!

Photo by Steinar Skaar, see our pics on instagram: @70N_arkitektur.


cover house

We are happy to see our bicycle house at Grunnfør, Lofoten, on the cover of D2 - it is presented along with several other National Tourist Routes projects inside the magazine.


fab FBAB

We are happy to annnounce that we have been awarded a honorary mention for our entry in the competition Fremtidens Bæredygtige Almene Bolig (Sustainable Social Housing for the Future).

See our proposal and read the jury report:

Forslaget giver et radikalt bud på fremtidens bæredygtige almene bolig. Her er det at bo bæredygtigt lig med nye rumlige oplevelser og en meget eksponeret kontakt til himlen, lyset og luften og ikke mindst naboerne og forbipasserende.

Bebyggelsen og boligerne tager udgangspunkt i drivhuset som en ydre klimazone, der muliggør en mere åben og fri disponering af de indre elementer, hvilket resulterer i en meget let, lys, varierende og rummelig indre arkitektur. Til selve boligdelen lægger der sig et stort drivhus, som deles med naboen.

Konceptet bygger på skuldrende af tidligere årtiers eksperimenteren med ydre glaskonstruktioner, der åbner for mellemklimazoner og har stor herlighedsværdi i ydresæsonerne.

Det fremstår som et meget seriøst og gennemarbejdet bud, som særligt skiller sig ud i en meget detaljeret og fascinerende beskrivelse af halm som byggemateriale.

Bebyggelsen forestilles bygget af og beklædt med lokalt dyrket og høstet halm, som både bruges lodret bærende, fugthåndterende og lyd- og brandisolerende.

Dommerkomiteen vurderer, at forslaget er et både fascinerende, anderledes og velargumenteret bud på en fremtidig bæredygtig boform og præmieres for det visionære niveau.



This week we participate at the ARCHITOURISM conference in Mashhad, Iran, discussing landscape / tourism / architecture.


Москва meeting

Back in Москва! - presenting and discussing planning and urban development with Moscow Region department for architecture and planning.


the right to the city

Arkitektur N #1 2014 includes Gisle's review of Peter Schultz Jørgensen's comprehensive, enlightening, reflective and engaging story about creativity, structures and forces at work in today's New York - 600 pages well worth reading!


Constructions of North
landscape / imagery / society

Thursday January 23 the fourth conference on northern landscapes in connection with the Arctic Frontiers took place. After a welcoming introduction by Janike Kampevold Larsen the following speakers, and moderator Andrew Morrison, contributed to a highly inspirational and interesting day:

William L. Fox - Backwards Landscape the Reading

Johan Schimanski - Constructing imagery, narratives of the Arctic

Stepa Mitaki - Inspiring citizens to change Murmansk through participatory planning

Kathleen John-Alder - The House We Live In: Ian McHarg’s Adaptable Concept of Habitat

Aileen A. Espiritu - Shifting rhetoric – From Barents to Arctic

Stine Barlindhaug - Constructing cultural landscapes through participatory mapping

Silje Figenschou Thoresen - The Indigenuity Project, Improvised design in Sápmi

Arvid Viken - Construction of knowledge: Tourism, research, and governmental institutions building Svalbard as image and place

Larissa Riabova and Vladimir Didyk - Arctic Single-Industry Towns in Russia: social problems, ways to solve them and the role of resource corporations


Finnmark field work

Kautokeino church / the ice building / snowmobile trip with Johan Anders Somby / bidos & lavvúliving / guides Elinor Strifeldt & Odd Mathis Hætta at the 0-point / Alta river & dam / below: the travellers

Follow the studio and the students' work here!


Constructions of North

Landscapes come down to us thick with the sediments of culture. In other words: Landscapes and territories are cultural products. Our conception of them is formed by image building, values, rhetorics, and politics. All of these have contributed strongly to conceptions of the Arctic through time, from ancient myths of Thule, through myths of exploration, to present days arguments for exploitation and preservation. This seminar invites local and international researchers and experts to explore the agency of imagery in a changing Arctic.

As large areas in the Arctic and Sub Arctic are being turned over into extraction territories, energy spaces and landscapes for tourism activities, stories and mythologies about the north continue to build. The new industries that are gaining foothold in Arctic territories are working within a certain framework of conceptualized understanding of the north as a new commodified landscape. On the other hand, social research brings forth knowledge from local practices as well as the human scale and social aspects of a region in rapid change. Mapping techniques contribute at the same time to render a more diverse and valid image of traditional landscapes, allowing for an extended and novel understanding of them.

This 2014 side-event to the Arctic Frontiers conference, arranged by the Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies, discusses the construction of landscapes, social conditions and imagery in the Arctic. Different construction strategies will be discussed by a wide range of scholars:
Janike Kampevold Larsen, William L. Fox, Johan Schimanski, Stepa Mitaki, Kathleen John-Alder, Aileen A. Espiritu, Stine Barlindhaug, Silje Figenschou Thoresen, Arvid Viken, Larissa Riabova, Vladimir Didyk and Andrew Morrison.

Program as pdf.

For info on the main conference and to register please see www.arcticfrontiers.com/


enter Biedjovággi

Monday the students at the Tromsø Academy for Landscape and Territorial Studies (TACL) will start the winter master studio, Focal Point Biedjovággi, with a trip to Alta, Kautokeino and Biedjovággi. Follow, and comment, our work at: focalpointb.blogspot.com.

Pics from the trip continuously published at instagram: @70N_arkitektur



arkkitehtuurin osasto

Gisle is back from Oulu where he's been teaching a student workshop on building in the high north at the department of architecture.


Focal Point Biedjovággi

We'll be teaching a master studio called Focal Point Biedjovággi at the Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies, starting January 6. There might still be some places left for interested and committed students, then contact studieinfo@aho.no - today..!

If you want to print, cut and fold your own booklet you can download the pdf here:


70°N instants

70°N is now on instagram.

Follow us there, we are @70N_arkitektur and are using hashtags #70N_ontour / #chez_70N / #by_70N / #70N_arkitektur / #facadeloving / #reflectionobsession etc.

Starting the 70°N instagram experience with a recent trip to Milan:

there might also soon be insta- and regram pics from Copenhagen:

trips to London:

or Moscow:

and other travels, to Vienna or Vietnam for instance:

some everyday life in Tromsø:

in the landscape:

possibly some 70°N architecture:

office life and projects:

and more - so, see you at instagram!