Layered Landscapes Lofoten in Landscape Architecture Europe #6

Layered Landscapes Lofoten is represented in the newly published Landscape Architecture Europe #6 – Second Glance.

About the book:

This sixth edition in the Landscape Architecture Europe series (LAE #6) presents and reflects on 63 contemporary projects from all over Europe. They demonstrate the ability of landscape architects to come up with convincing conceptual and physical answers to burning questions – by responding sensitively to sites and their various life forms, and by translating abstract sustainability ideas into spatial solutions. 

This richly illustrated book offers food for thought on – and a second glance at – four landscape architectural ambitions: to counter the climate crisis and other challenges, to develop the long-standing European tradition of public space, to enhance people’s empathy for their social and natural lifeworlds, and to conceive just and healthy urban futures. 

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