Layered Landscapes Lofoten

We'll be teaching a master studio at BAS this winter and spring called Layered Landscapes Lofoten

In this master studio we work with Lofoten – one of the most unique and spectacular parts of the Norwegian coast – with a long and dramatic history connected to the sea and the fisheries, and small societies vulnerable to local changes in the fisheries, global impact and structural changes. The landscape is today highly contested due to political desires to start exploiting the oil and gas resources in the region – and not least due to an increasing influx of tourists.
The studio is about research, mapping and planning – providing tools for a possible methodical approach – as an alternative to today’s institutionalized planning regime or hegemonic thinking. The intention is always to stimulate for complex understanding, critical approaches and not least – intentionally a new production of subjectivity.
The studio encourages to open mind sets that are not obvious, predefined or limiting – but always: critical, open minded and curious. This process will be stimulated through texts, literature and lecturers – and not least encounters with various people and knowledge, practices and experiences from the landscape.

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