Constructions of North
landscape / imagery / society

Thursday January 23 the fourth conference on northern landscapes in connection with the Arctic Frontiers took place. After a welcoming introduction by Janike Kampevold Larsen the following speakers, and moderator Andrew Morrison, contributed to a highly inspirational and interesting day:

William L. Fox - Backwards Landscape the Reading

Johan Schimanski - Constructing imagery, narratives of the Arctic

Stepa Mitaki - Inspiring citizens to change Murmansk through participatory planning

Kathleen John-Alder - The House We Live In: Ian McHarg’s Adaptable Concept of Habitat

Aileen A. Espiritu - Shifting rhetoric – From Barents to Arctic

Stine Barlindhaug - Constructing cultural landscapes through participatory mapping

Silje Figenschou Thoresen - The Indigenuity Project, Improvised design in Sápmi

Arvid Viken - Construction of knowledge: Tourism, research, and governmental institutions building Svalbard as image and place

Larissa Riabova and Vladimir Didyk - Arctic Single-Industry Towns in Russia: social problems, ways to solve them and the role of resource corporations

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