Tommie's choice

Dagbladet has let a jury pick Norway's most important public buildings this summer. In addition to the ambitious articles about these buildings, each jury member has picked a personal favourite project, and here is Tommie Wilhelmsen's.

..and the list:
1. Kunstnernes hus by Gudolf Blakstad and Herman Munthe-Kaas
2. Den nordiske paviljongen i Venezia by Sverre Fehn
3. Ishavskatedralen by Jan Inge Hovig
4. St. Hallvards kirke og kloster by Lund & Slaatto
5. Storhamarlåven by Sverre Fehn
6. Oslo rådhus by Arnstein Arneberg and Magnus Poulsson
7. Røldal-Suldal vannkraftanlegg by Geir Grung
8. Ingierstrand bad by Ole Lind Schistad and Eivind Moestue
9. Sundts varemagasin by Per Grieg
10. Operahuset i Bjørvika by Snøhetta

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