Landscapes in Change

We are happy to present our collaboration with the annual Arctic Frontiers conference, resulting in the completely new side-conference on northern landscapes - Landscapes in Change:

This year’s Arctic Frontiers conference has the subtitle Arctic Tipping Points, which poignantly describes the actuality of the Northern regions. Several of the themes discussed during Arctic Frontiers have a shared point of departure in large global changes, but approaches the theme from different academic fields as natural science, economy and politics.

In collaboration with Nord-Norges arkitektforening, Husbanken and 70°N arkitektur Landscapes in Change is for the first time presented as a side-event to the Arctic Frontier’s main conference. This year’s debate will focus on Arctic Ecologies: connecting nature, society and ideas, and will be a venue for transversal debate bordering several academic fields. The conference has the ambition to become an annual event for discussion of the inherent vulnerability of arctic landscapes and societies.

As a consequence of the strong powers of change at work in the northern regions, the conference will direct a necessary focus on the physical vulnerability in an arctic ecology that is easily influenced and disturbed. It is equally interesting to discuss the importance of the arctic landscapes – their individual value, as nature and as global icon, or as something that has value principally as an economic resource.

Our aim is that the conference theme will create engaged discussion and will contribute to found the basis for a continued debate that will motivate architects, landscape architects and all who are occupied by the transformations that are both in the cognitive understanding of the high north, and in the physical realities of the Arctic landscapes.

Now more than ever, nature cannot be separated from culture; in order to comprehend the interactions between ecosystems, the mechanosphere and the social and individual Universes of reference, we must learn to think ‘transversally’. Félix Guattari, The Three Ecologies (1989)

Please find out all you need to know about Landscapes in Change at www.arctic-frontiers.com/landscapes, as the program or the list of speakers:
Catharina Gabrielsson (Sweden) - moderator of the debate PhD in critical theory in architecture, architect, researcher, senior lecturer.
Annika E Nilsson (Sweden) PhD in environmental science, Senior Research Fellow.
Sara Olsvig (Greenland) MSc in Anthropology, Human Rights Issues Coordinator.
Daniel R Williams (USA) PhD in forest resources, Research Social Scientist.
Berit Kristoffersen (Norway) MA in Human Geography, Research Fellow.
Alessandra Ponte (Canada) PhD in history and theory of architecture, professeure agrégée.
Klaus Dodds (UK) PhD in Geopolitics and International Relations, Professor of Geopolitics.
Roger Connah (UK / Canada) Writer, film-maker and researcher, Associate Director and Professor in Architecture and Urbanism.
Ellen Braae (Denmark) PhD in landscape architecture and urbanism, Professor in landscape architecture.

More about the Arctic Frontiers conference here.

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