åpen klasse

What we see is not what is - as we move through a city, it is easy to believe that what we immediately perceive by our surroundings are true images, but the reality is not objective, and always depends on what we know and what background we have. As actors in the public sphere, we must therefore, develop methods to investigate the reality and to understand and work with the complexities of society. With knowledge about society structures and layers of information, we can work out projects that are relevant to the citizens, and also highlight particular groups in society that are not always given priority in a market-driven economy. With this principle, Magdalena Haggärde of 70°N arkitektur will present methods and studies she uses in her practice and teaching, and show examples of projects that make use of the marginal spaces and engage residents in the democratic processes that confront the question of who has the right to urban spaces and surfaces.

Tromsø Art Academy, Thursday 9 December at 19.00

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