Google DAV

Our students Miia-Liina, Mathias, Tone and Kristian did a very nice project while in Malmö: A sunny day at Fredriksberg.
Knowing that Fredriksberg is a huge traffic junction their activities of pic-nic, romance, badminton and others could really be seen as an act of détournement.. or in their own words:
Through a series of evocative actions, we examine the hidden qualitative layers of the traffic junction in Fredriksberg, Malmö. The mono-programmatic appearance of the site is questioned by occupying it with everyday activity unfamiliar to it. The actions, documented in photos and film, form a loose narrative of a day trip to the site and are to be found in Google maps and Youtube.

It is now all published and clickable in both Google maps and Google Earth - take a trip to Fredriksberg!

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