read mosaïc::reading

mosaïc::reading - the city as biotope is a master studio at Bergen Arkitektskole run during the autumn term 2009 by Gisle Løkken, Magdalena Haggärde, Kjerstin Uhre and Knut Eirik Dahl. Under the themes of new hierarchies, imbedded information, elasticity, dynamic of small cultures, points of departure, vulnerability and charging the landscape with new energy different aspects, ideas and possibilities of planning have been discussed and discovered - at the school in Bergen, on study trips to Malmö and Paris, and on the blog cityasbiotope. The blog has grown throghout the autumn with the students’ work, the presentation of new themes and comments.
Here, in this little textbook: mosaic::reading, the collection, we have gathered the introduction texts for each theme.

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