In the latest issue of 'scape magazine #1 2009, Joren Jacobs has written an intelligent little article about our Nordhavnen project.

'The vision of 70°N and Dahl & Uhre clearly opposes traditional linear development which can neither cope with change, nor cater for creative solutions. it cannot do what the people of Copenhagen requested: "no-regulation zones", a place "a bit rough, messy and unpolished", because "the unexpected is attractive". So in addition to their flexible basic structure plan 70°N and Dahl & Uhre's strategy is an ever-evolving open plan process and dialogue. This involves a broad collaborative exchange with many different parties, like journalists, citizens, landscape architects and researchers in various fields (biology, agriculture, economy, energy, marine enviroment, rainwater and culture). As the design firms put it themselves: " One must establish a universe of ideas beyond the field of thought of the developer-institution. In our strategy, the the programming of Nordhavn and the development strategy must constantly be charged with new knowledge. It is possible to see this project as a work of art - in progress.' JJ

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