Urban Picturesque

Interesting reflections crossing each other in our mail-box:

-first J is discussing how cities promote themselves with images of splendid nature more than with representations urban surroundings, Tromsø is not (at all..) an exception: read it here (in norwegian).

-then artist Edward C Thomson invites to a presentation of a project called Borderline Picturesque, today wednesday at 19.00 at Kysten:
A picture of Northern Norway had been imprinted in my mind long before even considering working in Tromsø. Infinitely deep fjords and rugged snow covered mountains, a masculine landscape straight out of every mystery adventure I’d eagerly devoured throughout my childhood. The Scanorama in-flight magazine I flicked through on the flight to Tromsø confirmed this image, advocating it as a lifestyle. Seductive imagery of radian couples clad in high performance fabrics out challenging the wilderness. Framed by the rotating airport doors my first gaze upon Tromsø was met by an iridescent sunset carved into by a jagged mountainous silhouette. How is the proximity to the spectacular mediated in this city situated at the border to the picturesque? Has its setting become a product, a myth, a lifestyle with physical effect embedded in the structure of the city? Co-operating with the Tromsø Art Academy I asked eleven students to respond to the image presented on a postcard from the city comparing it to their perceptions of its site of representation. The exhibition event ‘Borderline Picturesque’ brings together these responses.

..postcard realities or reality postcards..?

+ some more art:
Open Class: open for all! Tromsø Academy of Fine Art, Strandveien 8 (Northern enterance) Thursday 16.10, 15.00
Sille Storihle presents: Barselgrad, a project about spaces for meeting and exchange. For more info see: www.barselgrad.net and www.bluss.net.

..and don't forget to support the Art Academy now!

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