le Quotidien des Architectes - part one: charretting

For our non-architect readers we will now tell you a little about the everyday life of the architects: what we do when we cannot make it for that party/movie/travel/dentist appointment/tennis match/dinner you proposed..

Life at the architect office contains both hard (and secret, you'll know later) work; see images above taken at 3 am last night, and some glamorous celebrating when good (but secret, you'll know it all soon) news arrive; see pics below taken exactly twelve hours later.

One thing you can notice is that we are happy all the time! You can also see that we never leave our magic machines. It doesn't matter if we're struggeling with last-minute-changes and pdf-exports at five o'clock in the morning or if we're doing some really heavy celebration - this time it was these 0,50€ eskimos, sometimes there is champagne involved.. - to be continued..

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