For the 2007 NAF symposium Fokus;Nord we invited young architects to present their projects, ideas and visions for the arctic: Siri Lundestad, Aud Stine Askje, Sunniva Rosenberg, Marit Myraker, Øystein Rø (0047), Hans Jørgen Wetlesen (transborderkirkenes), Celia Glanfield, Andreas Koppen, Inês Almeida, Ida Winge Andersen, Eva Nordgård, Sigrid Bjørkum (siggelicious), Constantin Boincean, Håkon Matre Aaserød (fantastic norway), Erik Stenman. Invited to participate and lead the discussion are Bjørn Braaten, NTNU Trondheim, and Ana Betancour from KTH and the Architecture Museum in Stockholm. The week-end of 8-9 june all these young, talented, interesting and really nice architects presented different project with different approaches to the northern context, that was commented by Bjørn Braaten and Ana Betancour, and the audience. At the end of the day we had an interesting conversation and open discussion about the role/s of the architect. A discussion that continued during the dinner and party (with a soundtrack served by DJs Belle and Donatella ), under the midnight sun.. An absolutely giving event for many of us!

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